I’m Adam, a software developer in Milwaukee, WI, USA.

The content here will likely vary between games, software development, local events, writing, and who knows what else.  It is a work in progress.

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Machine Learning presentation in Milwaukee

On Tuesday, `10 Septembre 2013, I went to the Wisconsin .NET User's Group in Milwaukee.  This meeting was in Wauwatosa, in a basement conference room, a more intimate venue than the big warehouse at Direct Supply.  The presenter was Damon Payne, and he gave a very interesting talk on Machine Learning, similar to the one he gave at ThatConference.  It actually focused on a number of adaptive prediction algorithms, and he did a good overview of the material for an evening talk.  It was definitely a refreshing change from most of the WI .NET meetings I've been to, which, though always interesting, tend to focus more directly on Microsoft technologies and platforms.  The focus of this talk was definitely on theory over application, which I felt was very refreshing.
Damon discussed three general algorithms, collaborative filtering, decision trees, and clustering.  He gave a very good overview of all of them, and stepped through some good demos.  At the end he also briefly described some other kinds of machine learning algorithms.  He also has related information posted at his personal website.